How Many DROP D Riffs In 10 Minutes??

Sometimes it's nice to pour a drink, sit down and enjoy a full length video. Other times it's good to trim the fat and get to the point! That's the theme of our latest series - how many iconic guitar moments can we fit in 10 minutes?

First up is something we haven't touched upon before; drop D riffs.
In this video, Jack picks up a Friedman Vintage T, plugs into a Small Box 50, drops that low E down to D and starts the timer!

Let us know what you think to this new series, and tell us your suggestions about what the next theme should be!

Check out the gear used here:
Friedman Vintage T:
Friedman Small Box 50 Head:

Pedal-wise, Jack is using the following:
King Tone The Duellist:
Xotic Super Sweet Booster:
Line 6 HX Effects:


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