How the Bowers & Wilkins Car Speakers Power the BMW iX | BMW

Experience sound in a completely new dimension thanks to the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System in the all-new BMW iX. With Nautilus Diamond Dome Tweeters and 30 speakers strategically placed throughout the interior of the BMW iX, sonic excellence can be heard and felt with ease.

The BMW iX is equipped with subtly designed Shy Tech - Hidden Speakers that effortlessly blend into the design. Enhanced by the Ultra Linear Nearfield Speakers within the headrests, the BMW iX provides a superior audio experience.

Whatever your sonic preference, the BMW iX has 4 sound profiles designed to provide you with an immersive sound experience thanks to the 4D Audio Tacticle Bass Experience. Hidden in the seat lumbar, let the rich bass immerse you. From the acoustics of a concert hall to a call from a loved one to the roaring feel of a live concert, there's a sonic profile that's perfect for any occasion - listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks, phone conversations and more.

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