How to Balance Movie & Music Sound in AV Receiver? Home Theater Installation Charges India | Ep - 5

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Do you have like 100 questions about Home Theatre Systems in your mind? Struggling to find the answers?
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So, we have decided to pick 3 questions for every episode which we will answer weekly. And the cherry on the cake is -
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In this video, we are going to answer these three questions:

1. How to balance between Dialogue and Music? - This time we have got some interesting questions which we we are really excited to share with you. Make sure to watch this video to get the answer!

2. Should you pay for Home Theatre installation? - Well installation becomes an important aspect of a system. Whether you can pull this on your own depends entirely on you because for that you will to have to watch this video to find it out.

3. Can we get Dolby Atmos on our own? - In today's time it feels like we can do everything on our own and we often ignore the challenges that becomes a hurdle. Programming a technology on your own? Well watch this to find out if this is possible or not.

In case you want to directly jump to relevant questions, make sure to skip. And for asking your queries, I believe you already know what to do!

00:00 - Introduction
00:36 - How to balance between Dialogue and Music?
02:25 - Should you pay for Home Theatre installation?
06:01 - Can we get Dolby Atmos on our own?
09:50 - Winner

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