How to Boost the Sound of You Laptop ?!

How to improve the sound of you laptop ?! #28
Hi everyone , in this video i improve the sound of my laptop with some cheap parts easy to make at home step by step
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List Parts :
-Switch : https://bit.ly/3nYOTcL
-40mm Speaker : https://bit.ly/3FPKgIO
-40mm Passive Radiator : https://bit.ly/3JyHgTq
-Pam8403 Amplifier : https://bit.ly/3sPtYMn
Other DIY Project :
Diy Fast Charging Power Bank : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeJmcVxd2Gw
Wooden Tea Speaker : https://youtu.be/lm6jABmNLW8
PVC Speaker :https://youtu.be/NAxjl1-Ri20
J&B Whisky Lamp : https://youtu.be/AOeaQZzzGC4
Toilet Speaker:https://youtu.be/f5zgQS3Anso
MDF Speaker : https://youtu.be/WlpapWeriOM
Plywood Speaker : https://youtu.be/SMM5eSXth9U
Air Cooler :https://youtu.be/WlpapWeriOM
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