How to Choose and Use UAD Bus Compressors - UA Office Hours #108

Join the UA Office Hours Crew as they walk you through the process of choosing and using a bus compressor on your mixes.

0:00 Countdown
6:11 Ben’s Intro
6:58 Question of the Week
10:30 Top Comments from Last Week
14:12 Today’s Topics
15:50 Adding a touch of mix glue with SSL + API 2500
17:39 Mix Bus Audio Example
19:36 Main Bus Compressor settings
22:09 Aggressive Drum Bus Compression
24:10 Compression Release Settings
25:55 Distressor Before/After Comparison
28:13 Ratio settings
29:30 Attack settings
30:25 Ratio and Attack examples
33:07 Starting from presets
34:03 Why the API 2500 is unique
43:53 API 2500 Stereo Link
47:03 Chat Question: When to use higher ratios?
49:19 Master bus compression vs mastering
52:55 Peak Limiter Mix Bus Headroom Trick
54:15 Chat Question: What about the 33609?
57:07 How to choose a bus compressor
1:00:14 Chat Question: Using multiple compressors
1:02:34 How to avoid common mistakes
1:11:30 Chat Question: Gain staging with bus compressors
1:17:35 Level matching
1:22:09 Outro
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