How To Create An Enchanted Brand With Jane Cavalier

Join the Indie Books family of speakers and authors for a roundtable discussion of how to have more impact and influence. This week we are joined by Jane Cavalier, to discuss, "The Enchanted Brand: How to Power Your Business in an Upside World Using the Power of Enchantment".

Jane is one of the foremost leaders in brand strategy in America. Having worked on over 120 brands, she has re-branded global enterprises including Esso/Esso and Samsung; created powerful brands such as Snapple, Qwest and ATT Business; and given brand solutions to Johnson & Johnson, American Express and the U.S, Navy. After a meteoric career on Madison Avenue where she founded one of America’s hottest creative boutiques and led Strategic Planning at McCann-Erickson, she formed BrightMark Consulting. She currently serves on the boards of Marpai, Inc, the Pardee RAND Graduate School, and Nemours Children’s Health System.

Please visit Jane's website to learn more
Please visit our website to learn more

Marketing With A Book Podcast Episode 47
Recorded 11/30/2021
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