How to Create MASSIVE Guitar Tone in Your Home Studio

In this video I compare the REVV D20 and G20 lunchbox amps and show you how they can work together when stacking tone in the studio.
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The REVV G20 and D20 are two of the best lunchbox amps on the market. With a built in Two Notes Torpedo they are not only amongst the best guitar practice amps but they are workhorses in the studio. Each of them alone are capable of delivering a massive variety of guitar tones allowing you to craft huge and unique guitar tones in the studio. In this video, I've got both the G20 and D20 amps and show you some awesome tips on how to tone stack amps to create huge tones. You can tone stack with one amp, you can use pedals or even mix in amp sims and plugins. The tips I share in this video apply to whatever gear you are using. But there is no doubt these REVV amps deliver the wide range of tones any player can use in the studio. So if you love recording electric guitars and are looking to create massive tones in your Home studio then check out this video.

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00:00 Video Start
01:38 Tone Stacking Sample #1
02:30 Tone Stacking Tips
03:47 G20 vs. D20 What's the difference?
04:03 Stacking High Gain Tones
05:45 Stacking With Overdrive Pedal
06:48 Stacking With Boost Pedal
08:01 Benefits of Panning
09:11 Blend in Clean Tones
10:33 Mix & Matching
12:22 Stacking the D20
13:27 Stacking the G20
14:28 Is the G20 or D20 for you?
15:07 Massive Tone Stacking!

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