How to Date Your Fender Amp: Looking for Love in all the Right Places

It's a match made in heaven, but how do you know your amp is what it claims to be? Matchmaker Mike is on the case! In today's video, we'll show you how we go about evaluating old gear for both originality and accurate dating. Come with us on a journey of self-discovery as we chart the ins and outs of cosmetics, source date codes, tube charts, speakers, and liberally-applied chassis stamps.

00:00-01:06 Introduction
01:07-01:23 The Amp in Question
01:24-02:07 Cosmetics
02:08-03:15 Control Panel and Knobs
03:16-03:58 What are Source Date Codes?
03:59-07:25 Speaker Date Codes
07:26-08:14 Tube Chart
08:15-10:31 Transformer Codes
10:32-11:44 Potentiometer Codes
11:45-12:33 Chassis Stamps
12:34-12:54 Outro
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