How to fix Mercedes Sprinter stereo system - RoamRig Beatbox Stereo Upgrade - Living The Van Life

Check out the RoamRig Beat Box here: https://www.roamrig.com/product/beat-box-stereo-upgrade/

The factory stereo systems that come in the Sprinter Vans from Mercedes Benz leave A LOT to be desired. After all these vans were designed to be delivery vans and NOT necessarily made for traveling thousands and thousands of cross country road trip miles. But we ALL love to turn the volume up and jam out to our favorite tunes on the stereo while we hit the open road with the wind in our hair. Enter RoamRig with their BeatBox stereo upgrade system designed specifically for the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans. Check out this video as the folks over at RoamRig install the beat box into my sprinter.
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