HOW TO FLY THE AURBUS H145 by Hype Performance Group | Also incl my flight sim setup sneek peek!

How to Fly the Airbus H145 is the final part of the series looking at this fantastic helicopter by Hype Performance Group (HPG). This tutorial includes a detailed engine start up hover and landing techniques. You also get a sneak peek of my sim set up! After that we go on a tutorial flight tour around beautiful Monaco and NIce to show some more features of the helicopter. If you're thinking of buying the H145 then watch the series on the channel.


#airbush145 #msfs2020 #helicoptertutorial

Airbus Series Parts 1 & 2
Helionix System Tutorial
VR Walk Around Intro
Fox Mounts

0:00 Airbus dev upgrade info
05:35 Airbus EFB connect app
07:00 Controller setup
09:02 FS Airland Game profile
10:10 Engine Start Up
28:48 Take off
38:32 Helipad Landing
43:15 Helipad take off
53:53 Nice approach
58:00 Nice Airport take off
1:04 Monac Air landing
1:10 End
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