How to get John Frusciante tone with Fender amp | ONLY ONE PEDAL

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Finally, we have moved to the new recording studio and I am able to make videos for you more regularly!
Today I am hunting John Frusciante tone with only superstrat, modeling amp and digital multieffect!

I said many times that this pedal for its price is an absolute steal!
My ZOOM did it yet again and I can't recommend it enough!

Let me know what do you think down in a comment section!

Guitar: Cort EVL-X5 Superstrat
Amplifier: Fender Mustang II v.2
Effect: Zoom G1xFour
00:00 - Intro
03:45 - Amp settings
04:15 - General talking
05:15 - Clean preset settings
06:25 - Clean tone
06:50 - WH10 settings and wah tone
07:20 - DS-2 preset settings
07:46 - DS-2 tone
08:19 - DS-2 + WH10
08:47 - Big Muff preset settings
09:23 - Big Muff tone
09:59 - DS-2 + Big Muff preset settings
10:15 - DS-2 + Big Muff tone
11:32 - LFO Filter preset settings
11:47 - LFO Filter tone
12:03 - CE-1 Chorus preset settings
12:29 - CE-1 Chorus tone
13:04 - Delay preset settings
13:19 - Delay tone

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