How to install a Motorcycle Performance Audio Kit (MPAK) in a 2015+ Harley Davidson Road Glide

Today on ARC TV, Gurmel shows us exactly how to install the ARC Audio Motorcycle Performance Audio Kit (MPAK) in 2015 and newer Harley Davidson Road Glides. He shows us some tips and tricks along the way as well as explains how to properly set the amplifier prior to initial power-up. If you are getting ready to install an MPAK on your bike, we urge you to watch it all the way through first before you begin. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to give tech support a call.

Intro 00:00
Product overview 00:22
First things first 00:37
Remove seat 00:44
Fuel tank 01:09
Disconnect battery 01:34
Main power wiring 02:36
Fairing removal 03:10
Headlight removal 05:05
Head unit (radio) 06:00
Speaker wiring 06:52
Routing power wires 8:04
Amp settings 08:55
PSM pre-prep 11:12
PSM power wire routing 12:07
PSM mounting 13:40
Connecting the amplifier 15:07
Mounting the amplifier 16:00
Speaker replacement 16:25
Reassembly 17:50
That's a wrap 20:06
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