How To Install Bluetooth Audio Reciever on Drone | Bt5.0 Pro Module Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Receiver

Bt5.0 Pro Module Bluetooth Audio Receiver Mp3 Decoder is used on drone to add and record video on DVR directly via live audio input wirelessly.

BT5.0 Audio PRO Mini Bluetooth 5.0 MP3 Decoder Board Audio Receiver MP3 Lossless Player Wireless Stereo Music Amplifier Module Lithium Battery Charging Incoming Call

BT5.0 Audio PRO continues the excellent core functions of M28 (long distance transmission, Bluetooth 5.0 backwards compatibility, lossless sound quality, etc.) and adds more user-friendly performance as follows: charging during installation: This product has a charging and discharging circuit, which can directly charge the battery through the USB power supply, and Bluetooth can continue to work normally during the charging process, and truly realize the charging and discharging function. Solve the pain point that some products cannot be used during the charging process. USB power only: The red light flashes, indicating that the power supply is normal. When powered by a separate battery: the yellow light is always on, indicating that that the battery power supply is normal; The yellow light flashes, indicating a low battery level. When USB and battery are connected at the same time: The red light flashes to indicate that the battery is being charged; The red light always indicates that the battery is fully charged. (Please note that if the USB input is suddenly disconnected during the charging and discharging process, there will be a few seconds of interruption due to

Switching the charging and discharging mode at this time, after which the Bluetooth automatically restarts, automatically connects and maintains the previous playback state) incoming voice call function: After connecting the Bluetooth, turn on the sound call mode in the Bluetooth settings. If phone calls, you can answer or hang up the phone through the PLAY/STOP button. You can send the goods directly from the microphone of the original headset (provided that the headset has call functions, which is 4-segment type, etc.) or built-in microphone (default), see the description of the function for details. When a computer sound card is used: Fix the pads in the two boxes corresponding to the sound card on the back of the module, then connect it to the computer's USB interface via a USB cable, which can be used as a sound card. That is, the sound played by the computer is output through the unit's audio interface.


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