How to Make 230V AC LED Bulb | LED Bulb Circuit Making | Night Lamp | How to Make LED Bulb Driver

In this video, I present to you How to Make 230V AC LED Bulb,LED Bulb Circuit Making,Night Lamp,How to Make LED Bulb Driver

*** Powered by 230v so be careful.***

There is a circuit diagram inside the video.

Circuit Components-

1N4007 Diode 4
Capacitor 1uf/400V(105) 1
Capacitor 470uf/50V 1
Resistor 680KOhms 1
Resistor 220KOhms 1
Resistor 10KOhms 1
3V LED Bulb 4

Watch out: **electrical wiring is very dangerous**you could be shocked or killed. If you are not trained and familiar with proper, safe electrical wiring practices don't try it.

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