How to Make a Rechargeable Emergency Light with Bluetooth Speaker // DIY Flashlight

How to make a 2 in 1 Bright Rechargeable Emergency Light and Bluetooth speaker using 6 COB LEDs and Logitech speakers. Mounted on ATX Power Supply Unit of PC.

Required Materials:

1. COB LED from broken Solar outdoor Light
2. Acrylic Glass 5mm
3. On/Off Switch 2position - https://bit.ly/2YQO0ZX, https://bit.ly/3aEqL84
4. 4S Battery Level Indicator - https://bit.ly/3j1kAiV
5. 2 position 3 Pins Toggle Switch AC 125V 6A - https://bit.ly/3FLlsBQ
6. 12V ATX PC Power Supply - https://bit.ly/2YUCgWz
7. MH-KC24 QC3.0 QC2.0 6-32V 9V 12V 24V to Fast Quick Charger Board - https://bit.ly/36xycgw
8. Silicone Cover Rubber non-slip feet - https://bit.ly/2YWtgQP
9. 4S 40A Li-ion Lithium Battery 18650 Charger PCB BMS Protection Board - https://bit.ly/3uXBWC3
10. 18650 Battery Holder ABS Radiating Shells - https://bit.ly/3mQqS5X
11. DC 9-35V to DC 1V-35V 80W Automatic Step-Down Module - https://bit.ly/3BHxkTh
12. INR18650-35E 3.6v 3500mah Flat Top Rechargeable x 12pcs - https://bit.ly/3iLUWyy
13. DC-022 5.5-2.1mm Round Hole Screw Nut DC Power Socket - https://bit.ly/3j2QT0L
14. Door Handle
15. 4 ohms speakers x2 -
16. Bluetooth Amplifier module - https://bit.ly/3DGCEqt

4S 10,200mAh Battery Pack Making video - https://youtu.be/uPXl4Pqxkb0

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