How to make a virtual pinball cabinet

Episode#8 Custom Virtual Pinball Cabinet Build

In this video I will be teaching you how to layout/cut out your virtual pinball cabinet from your sheets of plywood using your cut plans. I will talk about the power tools you need, how to layout your cuts/holes, and show you how to make your cuts so there is no tear out. Lots of great stuff for anyone looking to make their very own custom virtual pinball cabinet from scratch!

I have also created timestamps so you can jump to the part/info you need.

00:26 Taking a look at your cut plans
01:34 You can do this project with minimal power tools!
04:40 Circular saw safety
06:00 Making a portable cutting table out of foam
07:50 How to prevent tear out
10:00 How to use a track saw
12:29 Setting up your first cut
15:00 Cutting out the first sheet of plywood using the tape trick
18:18 Cutting out the second sheet of plywood
19:24 How to layout your holes
23:02 Types of drills to use
23:57 How to drill the holes with a hole saw to prevent tear out
27:16 Drilling holes in sides, bottom, backbox
29:00 Tips for when your are drilling with a big hole saw
29:55 Laying out and drilling/cutting out the front cabinet panel
35:51 Laying out/drilling the back box pivot hole
36:58 Figuring out where the components go inside for bottom holes
41:40 Cutting out the speaker panel dmd and speaker pocket holes
43:55 Laying out/cutting the access panel using plunge cuts
46:00 Preinstalling the access panel hinge
49:11 Layout/cut the IEC 320 pocket for the power switch

If you would like to make my vpin cabinet, here is a link to the free plans!

Special thanks to Michael Roberts for his amazing guide on how to make a vpin cabinet, check it out here. Thanks for the amazing pictures that really help people understand the assembly process.

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