How to Make Arduino Based Walkie Talkie in Hindi/Urdu

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In this video i m going to show you about #Howto #Make #ArduinoBased #Walkie #Talkie. From this video you will be learn about the working principle of #LongRange Arduino Based Walkie. 1Km Range #NRF24L01 Module used for this project.

Circuit Diagram and code download link...

Component Required for Arduino based Walkie Talkie

NRF24L01 +PA+LNA with external 2DB antenna (2 pcs)

Arduino UNO or any version of Arduino

Audio amplifier (PAM8403) (2pcs)

Sound sensor module. (2pcs)

DC to DC step-Down module (LM2596) (2pcs)

3.3V AMS1117 voltage regulator module

Power indicator LED (2pcs)

A 2-inch loudspeaker (1W 8Ohm) (2pcs)

push button (for PTT button)

104 PF for making of PTT button (2pcs)

100uf 16v capacitor for NRF24L01 (2pcs)

1k resistance for PTT button (2pcs)

2 sets of li-ion battery

Li-ion battery charging and battery protection module (2pcs)

Some jumper wire, male header pin, dotted vero board

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How to Make Arduino Based Walkie Talkie I 1KM Long Range walkie talkie in Hindi/Urdu

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