How to Make Fire Detector System | Fire Sensor Electronic Project | Fire Alarm System

How to Make Fire Detector System | Fire Sensor Electronic Project | Fire Alarm System
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To complete this project, the electronic components you will need, LED, I R sensor, Transistor BC557, Transistor BC547, 100 ohms resistors 2 pieces, 220 K ohms resistor, Buzzer, 3.7V battery, and 3.7 volt battery holder.
The next thing you will need, a small piece of PCB. I have ordered these PCBs, on JLCPCB dot com. If you are also interested, I will show you the complete ordering process at the end of this video.

Now insert all the electronic components, into the PCB, one by one, according to the circuit diagram, shown on the screen. And solder all of them. Now remove the PCB from the third hand, and remove the extra pins using a wire cutter.
Insert a wire connector into the PCB, and solder it, I'm using here this type of buzzer, it cannot be inserted into the PCB and solder, I'm just tie it with the PCB using a piece of wire, after that solder both wires of buzzer with the PCB, Now your Automatic fire detector system is ready, You can use it in your homes, offices and workshops, Now let’s test it by connecting a 3 point 7 volt battery.

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