How To make Metal Led Bulb And New Alfa 2022

How To make Metal Led Bulb And New Alfa 2022

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12w ac dc bulb round driver 4hour Backup
7w Alfa Rs20
9watt Alfa Rs24
12watt alfa Rs30
15watt Alfa Rs35
18watt Alfa Rs40
20watt Alfa Rs45
30watt Alfa Rs60
40watt Alfa Rs70
50watt Alfa Rs75
35watt Alfa Dhoom Rs95/
45watt Alfa Dhoom Rs115/
30w-Alfa Round -Rs70
40w-Alfa Round-Rs80
50w-Alfa Round-Rs90
60w-Alfa Round-Rs100
15watt alfa Ac Dc led bulb Rs135
9watt alfa led bulb Rs42
12watt alfa led bulb Rs65
15watt alfa led bulb Rs75
18watt alfa led bulb Rs95
20watt alfa led bulb Rs100
30watt alfa led bulb Rs210
40watt alfa led bulb Rs250
50watt alfa led bulb Rs270
60w-Alfa Led Bulb-Rs290
9watt Housing Rs12.../Rs1print extra
12/15watt Housing Rs25
18/20watt Housing Rs50
25watt Housing Rs50
syska type Housing ..60mm..Rs16
syska type Housing 95mm ..Rs50
PP Housing 57mm...Rs5.50
syska type Housing 75mm-Rs30
Syska type Housing 70mm-Rs25
DOM type Housing 80mm..Rs65

9watt Driver led bulb Rs54
9watt Driver led bulb warm white Rs56
12watt Driver led bulb Rs90
15watt Driver led bulb Rs96
20watt Driver led bulb Rs140
30watt Driver led bulb Rs260
40watt Driver led bulb Rs295
50watt Driver led bulb Rs350

.7watt mc pcb Rs8/
9watt mc pcb Rs9
9w mc pcb Rs10
12watt mc pcb Rs22
15watt mc pcb Rs25
18watt mc pcb Rs35
24watt mc pcb Rs44
25watt mc pcb Rs45
30watt mc pcbRs70
40watt mc pcb Rs85
50watt mc pcb Rs95
7in 1.... Alfa dob colour Rs38
3in 1.... Alfa dob colour Rs35

12watt Alfa dob ac dc Rs50
2600mah Bettry Auto cut Rs50
mini driver Rs13
mini 2 driver Rs22
9watt driver Rs25
12/15watt driver Rs40
20 23 25watt Driver Rs60
Solder wire 250g....Rs270
IRON 60WATT....Rs180
CiLcone Tube-Rs180
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