How to Make Music like BONOBO ...again [Lush, Organic, Electronic Music]

In this Tutorial, you will learn how to make ORGANIC, TEXTURAL, LUSH electronic music like Bonobo and Emancipator in Logic Pro X. The concepts outlined in this video are applicable to Ableton and FL studio too.

We will break down a pre-made track to see some mixing and creative instrumentation techniques that suit BONOBO's style.

00:00 Track Preview
00:36 Introduction
01:29 Jump to the DAW
02:09 Pluck Synths
06:48 Arp Ear Candy
09:04 Retro Arp Synth
13:37 Bass Synth/Guitar
15:37 Vocal Chops and Pad
20:19 Main Drums
23:05 Percussion Extras
25:59 Final Words

Check out my Bamboo Leaves music pages below:

Credit to Taryn Elliott for the intro visuals.
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