How To Mic A Guitar Amp - Tips For Live Stage and Studio Sound - Mic Technique For Guitar Amps

How to mic an electric guitar amplifier for live sound or close miking in the studio. Tips for getting a more natural guitar sound in the PA or DAW. Also, tips for mixing guitar in IEMs (in ear monitors).

This video is a live sound and studio tutorial focused on guitar. Mic position on a guitar amp is extremely important, regardless of the genre. Whether country, rock, jazz or other, the guitar will translate much differently to the PA or DAW depending on the position of the mic. It can enhance, or detract, from the sound. Finding the sweet spot can get a guitarist a more natural sound and minimize house EQ. Every amp and guitar player is different, and the differences in a small movement of the microphone can be dramatic. The best position for one musician and amp, might be totally different for another musician an amp. The goal is to get the most natural, yet useful guitar sound into the PA (or recorder) to blend with the band and enhance the sound of the band. A solid guitar sound can really help pull together a band's mix.

An RTA overlay is added to show you the frequency responses changes with the moving of the microphone (so you don't have to rely on your ear alone to notice the changes).

Useful for stage or studio. From arenas to clubs, auditoriums to church sound.

I'm using a Shure SM57 mic on the guitar amp (Fender Mustang with an Epiphone ES335 guitar). Recorded on Reaper DAW (on PC) using the Behringer XR18 as the audio interface for the guitar.
X-Edit/XR-Edit PC software for the Behringer X32 and Behringer XR18 (Midas M32 / Midas MR18) is shown. Free to download from Behringer's site.

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0:00 Intro
0:05 Band Scene
0:29 Mic Placement
1:20 Audio Demo
3:10 IEM Discussion
3:19 Consistent and Proper Placement
4:13 Final Thoughts And Considerations
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