How to patch modular chaos - the making of the 'vespers' patch

A tutorial on how to patch any modular synthesizer (virtual or otherwise) to produce recursive modulation, feedback loops, and the wondrous unexpected pleasures of emergent chaos. Includes a detailed explanation of the patch that produced the piece "Vespers - Chamber music for machines," available here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NcJSQFjdmk

The system I used is based around modules, the schematics for which were found among the papers of Prof. Ieaksul F Mobenthey, noted astrologer, alchemist, charlatan, and early theoretician of chaos. The papers were partly burned, allegedly by the Inquisition, in an effort to suppress these methods of exploration, but the missing elements of the diagrams were restored by modern day researchers and visionaries with the help of dreamwork, shamans, and the judicious use of psychedelics to enhance the filigrees of inference and speculation. May it be of benefit.

0:00 Introduction
1:07 A garden is an embodiment of chaos
3:15 What my goal is
5:00 Discussion of the 'vespers' patch
6:35 A feedback loop = an ouroboros = everything
8:04 Fear is the gateway to all good things
9:20 How I create a piece
10:53 And then Rings
12:25 And also, utility modules, especially sample and hold
14:45 The emergent unexpected joyous results
16:10 How I play a patch over time
17:48 H P Lovecraft is mentioned
18:15 Chaos is possible on any modular system
19:08 Closing benediction

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