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The Rockville G-AMP 40 guitar amplifier is a 40 watt guitar amplifier with a 10 inch speaker. It plays really loud and clear! We added Bluetooth, USB, and SD playback so you can play your favorite tracks and jam along. We also added a mic input with echo so you can sing along while you are playing.

This guitar amp is built like a tank. You can travel daily with it and it can really take a beating! This amp has all the most popular effects including reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser and tremolo. There is a clean and overdrive channel as well. Also please note our reverb is a high quality spring reverb effect. It sounds phenomenal.

We include a 2-button foot switch that will allow you to select clean/overdrive as well as reverb on/off.


¼” Guitar Input
¼” Mic input
¼” Headphone output

Master volume (adjusts the volume on all channels)
Guitar volume
Bass (adjusts low frequency on both channels)
Mid (adjusts mid frequency on both channels)
Treble (adjusts high frequency on both channels)
Effect (Turn the knob to select Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo)
Delay/Reverb (turn to select delay or reverb and intensity)
Gain volume (functions when the Drive channel is selected only)
Reverb volume (Spring reverb ,adjusts the reverb level on both channels)
Mic Echo (Adjusts the echo only on the mic input)
Mic level (adjusts mic volume only)
Bluetooth MP3 player controls

40 Watts RMS Power
10” speaker
LED status indicator (green = clean, Red = Overdrive)
Bluetooth built in so you can play a song and jam along
USB and SD Card Playback are also perfect for playing and jamming along
Includes a 2-button footswitch: (Clean/ Overdrive selection and Spring Reveb on/ off)
Carry handle
Metal corner protectors
Power requirements:120V AC 60HZ
Product Dimensions: 17.7” x 8.66” x 16.14”
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