How to Record Loud Amps Silently

One of the most common questions I get asked is how I record guitars. I have a stable of nice tube amps at home, but no soundproofed room to record a loud speaker cabinets. Fortunately technology has come a long way so we are able to record loud tube amps silently at home.

Suhr Reactive Load:
Universal Audio:
Two Notes Wall Of Sound:

0:00 Introduction
0:27 The Amps
1:20 The Studio Rack
1:29 Suhr Reactive Loads
1:43 Rack FX
2:10 UAD Console Overview
6:44 Recording in Cubase
9:18 Two Notes WoS
10:34 Sound Clips
10:40 HSS Strat & Soldano
12:04 Les Paul & Soldano
14:10 Tele & Soldano
14:39 SSS Strat &
15:15 SG & Rockitt Retro Plexi
15:48 ES335 & Rockitt Retro Plexi
16:44 ES335 & Vox AC30
17:28 Baritone & Vox AC30
18:30 SSS Strat and Vox AC30
19:02 SSS Strat & Suhr Bella
19:53 SSS Strat Eb & Suhr Bella
20:56 Les Paul & Suhr Bella
21:13 Outro
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