How to Reset LG XBOOM RN9 RN7 and RN5

Hello guys, my name is Luka and in this clip I will show you How to reset the LG XBoom RN9 Sound System - keep in mind that this procedure works for all LG XBoom audio systems RN9, RN7 and RN5 models.
If you have connection problems; it doesn't start or doesn't respond to commands, resetting the system is the first solution you have to do.
For resetting the LG XBoom RN9 first, you need to unplug and plug the unit and power it ON; then you need to press on the Function Button (INPUT) till you have on the display USB 1. Then Press and hold on the Xboom unit the play button and on the remote control the back or Tunning 1 Button for at least 6-7 seconds until on the display of the unit will appear the message E2P CLR; that means that the unit was reset and it will shut down. After the reset is done power on the LG sound system and you are ready to pair it with your phone or other devices.
If it doesn't work the first time, try again but keep the remote control pointed and close to the system

What are your impressions? Does it work for you?
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