How to Solve Audio Amplifier Noise and Humming problem | Amplifier damage sound when increase volume

how to repair amplifier sound problem why sound humming and noise problem occurs in audio amplifier circuits.

Hello Everyone Welcome back to another video of Z Tech Mentor's YouTube Channel. In this video, I am trying to tell you How to Solve the Audio Amplifier Noise and Humming problem | Amplifier damage sounds when increased volume & how to solve amplifier output sound problem.

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0:00 Channel Intro
0:16 About Video Amplifier Noise and humming Issues
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1:07 Explaining Local Amplifier Bass tone
1:40 IC NE5532 Bass tone
2:26 Amplifier Power Supply Explain/amplifier distorted sound problem
2:56 YouTube Outro / End Screen

if you face a transistor amplifier sound problem then you need to use the best quality bass tone pre-amplifier circuit.

Please watch the video till the end. I hope that you successfully understand. If you don't understand, please comment on me. I try to help you.

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