How to stay alive in new aircraft - F4U Corsair lap of the boat (example). War Thunder VR Sim Mode

Maybe this video can help some players in building simple habits to follow for flying a vast array of aircraft in War Thunder. Simulation difficulty is unforgiving for players with poor habit patterns or low experience when changing between aircraft regularly, but it only takes a few circuits to develop a ball-park strategy for staying alive in each type of aircraft.
Here's a quick example of a basic process I worked out in the F4U Corsair after ~3 laps of the boat. I'll generally do this in each new aircraft type in an offline test flight to avoid costly repair costs (especially in later jet aircraft, etc) then it's straight into online mode to be nailed by OP russian aircraft.

00:00 - Startup
00:28 - 1000' Circuit
04:56 - Manoeuvring on Deck
07:39 - Hot Lap
09:18 - Outtakes and screwing around
09:57 - RTB and screwing around

May the god of copyright-strikes please forgive me for using a couple of seconds of Ace Ventura audio.
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