How to Use a Breadboard to Make an Atari Punk Console Audio Circuit

Learn some basic tips, tricks and techniques from Music Techknowledgist, Stu Welsh for working with audio electronics on breadboards.

Here, we build Forrest M. Mims III's Atari Punk Console circuit on a breadboard, using a series of basic electronic components and two 555 Timer ICs.

00:02 Intro: Using Breadboards
A quick look at three types of breadboards and how they are wired internally.

01:05 Tip 1: Familiarise Yourself with Schematics
An overview of the Atari Punk Console Schematic.

01:38 Tip 2: Check Your Components
A tip to ensure you have the correct components before you transfer them across to the breadboard.

02:20 Tip 3: Use the Datasheet
Here we look at the NE 555 Timer IC data-sheet and explore how it can be used to check pin outs on our 8 pin DIP package,

03:11 Tip 4: Use a Battery
By using a battery instead of a power supply we can protect ourselves from potential hazardous voltages until we are familiar enough with electronics to use mains powered supplies.

03:34 Tip 5: Test Your Creation
After all that hard work, testing your creation can be enjoyable and frustrating. If your circuit doesn't work, go back carefully through the steps checking all your connections and component values.

For those of you who want to grab everything at once, we recommend this STEM Synth Kit project with clear instructions:

Another great resource for learning more about sound synthesis and electronics is Make's book, Analog Synthesizers: Make Electronic Sounds:

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