How to use Sanway Audio DSP Plate Amplifier for PA Speaker

How to Choose the most Suitable Plate Amplifier for Your Speaker?
As powered speakers are become more and more popular, many speaker manufacturers and DIY loudspeaker makers are intend to make powered speaker and powered line array. Especially, in pro audio market, powerful active amplifier modules have a great demand.

As a manufacturer of powered amplifier modules, Sanway offers a professional solution for selecting the suitable amplifier module for your speakers.

Types of Plate Amplifiers
First of all, There are lots of plate amplifier with distinct specification, so we shall check what they are. We have 1 way, 2 way and 3 way amplifier modules.

DSP Plates Amplifiers for Line Array Speakers and Subwoofers

Single Channel Plate Amplifer Output: 150W; 450W; 650W;800W;1000W; 1600W and 1800W, ect.

Two Channel Plate Amplifier Output: 800WX2, 1000W+300W; 1300W+300W; 1500W+500W; 800W+250W, ect

Three Channel Plate Amplifier Output: 1800W+900W+900W, 1800W+1800W+900W

What’s more, you shall check the root mean square power handling of every speaker transducer in the cabinets, so that you could select the suitable plate amplifier with the correct power.

A severely distorted signal can cause the speaker to explode at a lower level, much faster than a clean signal at a higher level. Most importantly, you want an amplifier that fully drives the speaker so that you don't have to maximize every part of the signal chain to make the speaker sound loud enough.

The power ratings of the DSP plate amplifier should be rated 1.5 times more power than the top speaker’s itself, and the subwoofer plate amplifier power should be rated about 2 times more than the rated power so that peaks associated with more dynamic tracks can be processed.
Know the Connection of Speaker
Thirdly, you should know the inside connection of speaker. If you want to make your passive speaker as active you should know if it has a crossover? How do they connected with the speaker drivers.
There are may types of speaker, like, full range speaker, bi-amp speaker, tri-amp speaker, single subwoofer and double subwoofer.
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