How to use the Line 6 HX Stomp with a pedalboard // 5 Tips for amazing tone

Download our Line 6 HX Stomp patches:

Download the BOSS DD-500 presets I use:

In this video, Brian talks through 5 tips for using the Line 6 HX Stomp with a pedalboard. If you're new to Stomp or looking to integrate it into a board, this is a great starting point.

Gear used in this video:
Guitar: MJT Thinline Tele w/ Porter Vintage Tele pickups

Creation Elevation pedalboard
Korg Pitchblack Tuner
Empress Compressor Mk II
Analogman King of Tone
King Tone Duellist
Boss DD-500 Delay
Eventide H9
Eventide Blackhole
UA Golden Reverb
Strymon Ojai and Zuma power
Morningstar MC8 Midi Controller
Morningstar ML5 Midi Switcher (under the board to control the drives via midi)

Learn more about this board here:

HX STOMP: The Stomp was running just amps, IR's, and an EQ block. Using the WT AC/LNSTR patch.

Input level: Inst
Output level: Line (you might want to change this to Instrument if you are running the Stomp in front of other pedals. If the Stomp is last in your chain, leaving this to Line may work better for different mixing or recording devices)
Send/Return: Inst

Bypass Type: Analog
Tempo Pitch: Transpr (this will remove the weird sounds when you change delay times)

The rest of the Global Settings will really depend on how you want to interact with your Stomp and won't have an effect on the tone

Table of Contents:
00:00 - Intro playing sample
01:03 - Intro/Welcome, and how this video is organized
02:40 - TIP 1: Stereo or Mono - How to set up Stomp for either scenario
03:39 - Setting up Stomp patches for Stereo boards (HX Edit)
06:57 - How to take a single amp stomp patch and convert it to a dual amp stereo patch (HX Edit)
09:22 - How to run a single amp block in Stomp in front of your stereo wet effects)
10:51 - Setting up a single amp Stomp patch to run in front of wet fx (HX Edit)
13:26 - What this board sounds like with the Stomp sitting in front of the wet effects
15:56 - A quick note about delays and reverbs after the amp vs in front of the amp (more on this later)
17:42 - TIP 2 - Gain Staging (this is really important)
18:42 - Gain Staging pt1 - Set up any always on dry pedals (like compressors or always on drives)
20:40 - Gain staging pt2 - Set up your drive section
21:51 - TIP 3 - Dialing in wet effects (pre-amp, post-amp, and notes about gain)
25:38 - Avoid changing gain AFTER your wet effects (THIS IS IMPORTANT)
28:04 - TIP 4: Have a Stomp patch that is just effects - in case you run your board into an amp or other modeling device
30:43 - TIP 5 - Don't expect Stomp to sound like a tube amp in the room with you (its not designed to)
33:10 - Final Notes


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