How To Wire a DCCD Controller (MAP DCCD Subaru STI 6 Speed)

I Hope This Video Helps you to Wire In your DCCD Controller. The MAP DCCD is a good option for those using a Subaru WRX STI 6 Speed Transmission In something that is not an STI or someone looking to upgrade their DCCD in their STI.

Wire Pin Out:

4 Pin Connector
-White Wire to Green Wire on DCCD
-White Wire to Black Wire on DCCD
-Red Wire to Ignition Wire on ECM (Connector B136 Pinn 30/ GRN with RD Stripe)
-Black Wire to Chassis Ground

24 Pin Connector
-Black Wire to ECM Signal Ground (Connector B134 Pin 6/ BLCK With YLW Stripe)
-Purple TPS Wire to ECM TPS Signal (Connector B134 Pin 18 / Solid Grey)
-Orange DImmer to Radio Dimmer Wire
-Green RPM Input to RPM Signal on Cluster (Gauge Cluster Connector Grey with Red Stripe)
-Blue Speed Sensor to Speed Input on Cluster (Gause Cluster Connector Pink with Green Stripe)
-Pink Brake Input to Brake Pedal Switch (Brake Pedal Connector Green Wire)
-Yellow Handbrake Wire to Handbrake

DCCD Controller:
Vampire Clips:
Ring Terminal:
Heat Shrink:
Wire Strippers:
Wire Crimps:
Heat Gun:

Smeedia Merch:
Smeedia Discord Server:

Tools For The Garage:
Special Oil Funnel:
Coolant Burping Tank:
3/8" Socket Seet:
1/4" Socket Set:
3/8" Impact Gun:
3/8" Ratcheting Wrench:
Batteries for those electric tools:
Floor Jack:
Jack Stands:
Gucci Screw Driver Set:
Hook and Pick Set:

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