Hunting high-speed boar

Tim Pilbeam gets to go on one of the great driven hunts of his life. It’s like Disney has opened the door to the animal park, as deer and boar bound in front of him. He is in Sweden as a guest of gunsight company Aimpoint, and he gets to use their latest kit to shoot.

Here are the hunt hosts:
Aimpoint sights https://www.aimpoint.com/
Peltor hearing protection https://www.3m.co.uk/3M/en_GB/p/c/b/peltor/
Haenal rifles https://www.cg-haenel.de/en/hunting/
Norma ammunition https://www.norma-ammunition.com/en-gb
Garmin https://www.garmin.com/en-GB/

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Why shoot wild boar?
Most of continental Europe has a wild boar problem. There are millions of animals causing possibly billions of euros of damage to farmland. Happily, there is a control system, based on sport hunting. In some countries, where sport hunters do not manage numbers effectively, they have to pay reparations to farmers.
Wild boar are omnivorous and approximately 400 species of plants and animals have been reported to be part of their diet. Their habit of rooting through the floor of woodland and pasture leaves a clear indicator of their presence. They take both eggs and nestlings of ground-nesting birds. Damage to agriculture can also be extensive and concerns have been raised regarding collisions with traffic. Boar have no natural predators apart from small populations of wolves, meaning culls are necessary to control population growth.
Wild boar are susceptible to the same diseases as domestic pigs and therefore have the potential to spread infectious disease such as swine fever, foot & mouth and Aujesky’s disease.

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