I bought a box of 60 recorder CDs and there are some rare gems... | Team Recorder

When I saw a box of 60 old and rare recorder CDs on Facebook for a good price, I could not resist! Unbox them with me, we'll have a look, and I'll tell you why these old recordings are so cool and important!
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All musical excerpts used are inkeeping with Fair Use, and are included specifically for educational comment purposes.

00:00 intro
00:44 unboxing
02:41 Llibre Vermell de Montserrat, where's the recorder?
03:50 Pierre Hamon - medieval double flute
05:11 BRISK - renaissance music
06:11 Dan Laurin - concertos for 6th flute
07:12 Adriana Breukink - the dream flute in 2001
08:23 Nordisk Blokfløjtesduo - transparent recorders
09:31 Recorder ensemble FEW
10:14 Dutch Piper's Guild - music for bamboo flutes
11:13 Philharmonic Loudspeakers
12:07 Frans Brüggen - how early music sounded in the 60s

/// THE albums I discuss
Van Eyck's 'Der Fluyten Lust-Hof' by Erik Bosgraaf, Brilliant Classics 93391
'The Passion of Reason' by Trio Sour Cream, Attacca Babel 9682 & 83 DDD
'Llibre Vermell de Montserrat' by Theatrum Instrumentorum, ARTS 47384-2
'Lucente Stella' by Pierre Hamon, Opus 30-122
'The Sacred Organ's Praise' by BRISK, Wijnand van Hof WVH125
'Entertainments for a Small Flute' by Dan Laurin, Grammofon bis-cd-985
Walter van Hauwe: 'Blockflute Classics 1' (Moeck 10012DDD) 'Bloickflute Classics 2' (Moeck 10013DDD), 'Blockflute Classics 3' (Channel Classics CCS 3392)
'Adri's Traumflöte' by Adriana Breukink & friends, RU 007
'Contemporary Music' by Nordisk Blokfløjtesduo, Paula Records PACD 125
'Fandango' by Blokfluitensemble FEW, HMN 96.421
'Op Eigen Houtje' by the Nederlandse Pijpersgilde, self published
'English Ensemble Music' by Frans Brüggen, Teldec Classics, 4509-97465-2

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