"I don't know" - Digital Systemic Emulator I (E-mu Systems Emulator I emulation) freeware VSTi demo

* I recommend to watch this video with a resolution of at least 480p (or higher) for stereo sound. *

This composition is an audio demo of the Digital Systemic Emulations Emulator I freeware VSTi synthesizer plug-in. It's an emulation of the E-mu Systems Emulator I sampling keyboard from 1981.

But unlike the original machine you cannot record any samples with this plug-in. It's a very basic playback instrument...featuring sounds that were taken from 59 sample library disks of an original Emulator I.

The track was recorded with Image Line's FL Studio 20.8.4 (build 2576).

The following patches were used:

- Program 15 OBX (on two different tracks for different effect settings)
- Program 28 Sitar
- Program 03 Clavnet 2
- Program 07 I Don't Know
- Program 45 Vectorize

The patch name "OBX" obviously refers to the Oberheim OB-X synthesizer as the original sound source.

Please note:
The drum sounds in my track are not (!) from the plug-in. They are samples from the internal library of FL Studio. Among them are a bass drum and a hi-hat taken from a Roland TR-808 and the famous claps from the TR-909. In addition you can hear a drum loop called "DL Sidestep" and a special effect sound which is called "FX Big Reverse".

A lot of internal effects from FL Studio were used:

- Fruity Phaser
- Fruity Delay 3
- Fruity Compressor
- Fruity Reeverb 2
- Soundgoodizer
- Fruity Love Philter (used on the Sitar patch)
- Fruity Delay 2

In addition you can hear the following two freeware effect plug-ins:

- Valhalla Supermassive 1.2
- Voxengo Old Skool Verb 2.8

The track was later normalized with Wavosaur (freeware).

The video was realized with Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 2012.

Picture sources:

- FL Studio pic: own screenshot
- DSE Emulator I plug-in pic: from Google homepage of the developer
- E-mu Systems Emulator I pic: amazona.de

(No copyright violation was intended. All rights belong to the owners.)

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