I Lost $13,000 Helium Mining!? Rewards Update + Light Hotspots

Helium mining has been going through turbulent times. Let's talk about what's going on with the Helium network, both the good and the bad. First, the implementation of light hotspots seems to be going better after an increase in HNT rewards. When they released light hotspots on May 11th, the network seem to slow down to a sluggish pace, Many of my 10 bobcat miners were down and needed to be restarted. After a few days, however, the network seems to be stabilizing and rewards increasing.

I lost 13,000 worth of value in this crypto bear market. At one point my HNT was valued at $14,850
because I had 270 coins worth and at the $55 all-time high. Now, with the HNT value currently hovering around $9, my portfolio is worth around $2,430. RIP

Helium is now in technical trials with 2 of the 3 MNO'S, rewards are increasing, and new companies such as Sensative are joining the Helium network ecosystem. With big partners such as Microsoft, Samsung, and Dish, it's hard to believe that this is where the helium network fails and turns to dust. Rather, I think the helium network, despite these turbulent times and the recent bear market, will rise above its all-time high and blast past it!

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