i make 2000W POWERFUL 12V to 220V inverter make at home using UPS Transformer IGBT

for free - https://youtube.com/c/SUDExperiment 1) How to make Simple 12V to 220Vac Inverter at Home from IRFZ44N , No Ic - https://youtu.be/dkeImqozwlU 2) How I Build 220V electric Generator From Copper Wire and Strong magnet - https://youtu.be/ydMSsuNsfz4 3) Simple powerful 1000 Watt Inverter 12V To 220V From Ceiling Fan - https://youtu.be/-A9Je7Mu3Uk 4) mini Portable Simple Powerful 12V To 220VAc Inverter At Home - https://youtu.be/mMLc4DiBvu8 5)
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