I think ill make a D'Apolito planar magnetic , for now...

Skip Me talking about what i do and or want to do... and listen to the tune go here: https://youtu.be/kj4Dy4QVYrY?t=834

i got asked quite a few times, are you going to make a driver you actually sell ?
i thought about tweeters or large and long Stratec/Carver/Ribbons .
Problem is, tweeters would not result in any profit (at least i dont think people want to pay that much for a DIY tweeter) and often people dont use 4 of 60 cm long carver/stratec drivers costing a few hundred a piece, and results might not be so great if you use only one !
i think this kind of setup ( Dapolito) can be used with dynamic drivers or OB, or in this case with planar lows (with or without a sub) but who know.
lets make a more refined version of this one. and still have a decent vertical dispersion for the less critical listener :)
(its single ended because there top end look much more smooth this way and i dont need the extra SPL) so yes i still stick to lower SPL drivers.

A Magnepan like the LRS (although loved by many) will have a really critical listening position vertical, look here https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/magnepan-lrs-speaker-review.16068/
for details on a measurement with a small line source. (not floor to ceiling) this goes for all ribbons/planars not being floor to ceiling, so if your room is 2 meter high and you have a 1.7... same rules apply. make them 3 meter and it all smooths out. make them symetric helps with having a nice horizontal of axis, something most planar dont have either :(

Kind regards Joppe Peelen
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