I Want A Big Butter & Egg Man, by Louis Armstrong, played through Triodes and Horns.

I have recorded this track from Satchmo Plays King Oliver (ST 91058) to evaluate latest changes and balancing of A7 speakers/with Riddle crossovers. The cartridge is Phasemation PP-2000 on a Reed 5A tonearm, attached to Panzerholz plinth and record driven by Classic Turntable company modified Garrard 301. SUT's are also Phasemation, the phono stage Ypsilon and the Ayon Spitfire stereo integrated directly heated single-ended Class-A triode amplifier (30 watts through proprietary triodes).

The Altec A7 speakers are not on castors, the insides have been reinforced with beams glued and screwed at unequal odd angles (to prevent standing waves), the cavities formed by this filled with sheep wool felt pads cut to size, and another sheet over the base, and one glued to the inside of the back cabinet cover. The compression driver is now driving two rows of 5 wooden exponential horns (three rows available, but WAF). Behind those is a super tweeter pointing backwards to delay sound just enough to prevent interference waves.

Recorded 30/Jan/2023. Hope you like it.
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