IF I COULD ONLY HAVE 1 GUITAR, 1 AMP & 1 PEDAL & other Questions! Q & A Part 1!

Yesterday I asked on the community page if anyone had questions for me - I was hoping for 10 but have nearly 30! So, this will be in at least 2 parts. I am sorry I didn't get to the question that I mention at 20:08 like I said I would... but in the end I decided that Part 2 would start with this question!

I hope you found this interesting!

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Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro Demo
0:56 1 Guitar, 1 Amp, 1 Pedal
5:45 Which Nashville ES For Me?
10:46 Some Playing
11:35 Dumble?
12:37 Tube/Speaker Swapping?
13:39 Collecting over Playing?
15:28 More Playing
16:38 Do I Play Acoustic?
17:23 Good Amp or Guitar?
17:58 My Biggest Influence?
20:08 One Player's Rig, Another Player's Chops
20:48 Low Wattage Amps for Stereo at home
22:29 Best UK Guitar Shops
24:52 Even More Playing...
25:36 New vs Used Gear
27:03 Have some more playing...
28:17 Any sacrifices for youtube?
29:37 There'll have to be a part 2!
30:21 Last bit of playing!
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