If I Could Only Have One Amp...

I love guitar amps - to me, these are the part of the equation that probably make the biggest difference to your tone. Recently, I've really been gravitating towards two amps - and one in particular could be the only amp I ever need.

Which one is it?

Thanks for watching!

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Time Stamps:

0:00 Marshall JTM45
2:28 Tone King Sky King
4:38 Fender Vibroverb
7:44 Morgan MVP23 & Two Rock Classic Reverb Sig
11:07 Two Rock Bloomfield Drive
11:42 Bloomfield clean channel with Tele
14:13 Bloomfield Lead channel with Les Paul
18:20 'The One'... what is it?!
19:49 The Demo with Les Paul R9
21:56 Why is it the one?
26:04 Giveaway!
26:39 More demos... my favourite tones from the amp
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