If I Could Only Have One Guitar: I Found My No. 1 | Part 2

Hey all, this is the second part of this mini series about what my No.1 Guitar is. Is it going to be my Broadcaster, or one of the ES guitars... or a Les Paul?

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0:06 Gibson ES-345 Marcus King Demo
0:51 About the Marcus King
3:52 Gibson '59 Reissue ES-355 Ebony Demo
4:41 About the '59 ES-355
6:31 More '59 ES-355 Demo
8:50 Why this isn't my number 1
9:32 Case Guitars J1 '54 Goldtop Vintage Series
10:24 J1 '54 Demo
13:26 What I love about the '54 J1
14:20 My Number 2 - Fender Broadcaster
15:01 Broadcaster Demo
16:32 The Massive Sounding Broadcaster!
19:03 My Number One Gibson R9 Les Paul
20:31 R9 Demo
23:54 Happy to have found the one!
26:40 The Giveaway Announcement & Winner!
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