iFi Zen Signature Set HFM Edition - A perfect DAC and Amp for Hifiman headphones and others?

The iFi Zen Signature Set HFM is a $600 (at the time of this review) Amp and DAC package designed to enhance Hifiman planar magnetic headphones. With one special button, this stack applies some custom EQ magic (via analog and digital changes), that cleanly changes your headphone's sound signature. This set comes with the Zen DAC Signature V2, the Zen CAN Signature HFM, and a beautiful 4.4mm balanced cable to connect the two.

If this is the right package for you, you can purchase it here (Not an affiliate link):

Or the iFI CAN Signature HFM amp only (Amazon affiliate):

Or the iFi DAC Signature (Amazon affiliate):

0:00 - Intro and Features
02:45 - Layout and Connectivity
07:35 - Specs
09:01 - Sound Quality and HFM Mode
14:56 - XSpace
16:37 - Hifiman Pairings
19:04 - Competitors and Final Thoughts

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