Immersive Audio 13.2 (7.2.6) Auro 3D, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X system powered by Carver, Sunfire, McIntosh

My nerd 7.2.6 (13.2) system playing Auro 3D immersive audio of Boston’s More than a Feeling from their SACD of the same name. Hopefully this system can help someone build their own system. Immersive audio is so good- it’s like the technology jump going from mono to stereo. Auro 3D selected for ANY source—even using it for Atmos encoded source material, is heads and tails above the other encoding formats for immersive audio listening.

So, here's our family's system 30 years in the making that I did myself. Again...maybe someday this can help others build their systems.

We started with Carver Amazing Loud (AL) Ribbon tweeter speakers purchased in 1990 from Audio Junction/Warren Radio in Erie PA. I did not have two nickels to rub together but had a vision to someday hopefully have a top tier system with FIVE goals in mind:

1. Powerful yet reliable.
Over 8,000 watts that run cool and very reliable.
Eventually worked up to a 13.2 (7.2.6) Atmos system powered by:
-McIntosh MA12000 350 watt hybrid solid state tube amp powering our Carver AL's;
-Bob Carver Research signed Lightstar Amp powering front height Sunfire CRS-3 ribbons;
-McIntosh MC162 bridged to power a Monitor Audio Gold C350 ribbon center channel speaker;
-Two Carver A760x's each bridged into Bose 601 SIII deflecting rear channel speakers;
-Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature 400 Seven powering six Orb Audio surrounds.
-The two subs are an SVS PB13 and a Velodyne SPR1200R series for a total package of 8,420 watts.

2. Easy.
The entire system powers ON or Off with one button using the remote from the McIntosh MX123 AV Processor brain outputting video to a Samsung HD TV and an Optoma 4k projector with the fastest gaming response at the time for 2021. A McIntosh MPC1500 power controller in addition to a Panamax M5400-PM help with sequencing and voltage regulation. Any one of our five family members can easily select their desired component for sound and/or video without that deer in the headlights look.;-)

3. Accurate.
Whether it's the warm tube sound of the McIntosh MA12000 into our two channel Carver AL's or the surround sound of immersive audio using 13.2; Auro 3D, Atmos; DTS processing etc.-- the sound is as if the artist is right there on stage in front of you or the movie is happening around you in real life. Minimum distortion, high S/N ratio and high resolution from quality McIntosh & Carver components using balanced connections and manually calibrated using a simple SPL. (Not a fan of Audyssey or ARC)

4. Technologically encompassing.
We wanted a system that could handle sound thru the ages- from the early years of analog; thru the digital era; to the present hirez immersive audio arena.
Analog sources are a McIntosh MT10 Moving Coil cart Turntable balanced into a McIntosh MP100 phono preamp plus an Audio Technica AT-LP1240 turntable w/Shure M97xe Moving Magnet cart. The analog tape sound is supplied by an Akai GX266d Reel to Reel custom modified with a McIntosh look by WhiteGlove Audio in Buffalo NY.....the digital era of CD's, DVD's, SACD's & BluRay is sourced through a Marantz UD5007 player....and the portable digital age of streaming, Bluetooth, ethernet, and wireless playing of MP3's, Hi Definition Audio and finally Hi Resolution Immersive Audio via Auro 3D, Dolby Atmos, & DTS:X codecs from the MX123 processor is accomplished using an Apple TV; Amazon Echo Dot; Apple Airport extreme router; and a custom-built Dell computer connected via ethernet that streams up to 24bit 192kHZ Amazon Hi Resolution & Atmos music. With the digital age comes gaming and our system incorporates six gaming systems from Xbox & Nintendo, to a Vive Virtual Reality system. Whether gaming or watching the big game, the entire system can output both to the TV screen and/or a 120" acoustically transparent electric extending movie screen.

5. Aesthetic.
Who doesn't love the look of Carver wattage meters, McIntosh glowing blue meters, the last FM-AM-Satellite tuner model produced by McIntosh-the MR88; bouncing amplifier needles; and tubes that glow from orange to green on the McIntosh MA12000 indicating the system is ready to rock.

I believe our goals have now been accomplished. This system is used by our family almost every day. Immersive audio is here and it's the future as Apple, Amazon and others offer more and more content. As a side note, We have listened for hours comparing the three major spatial formats...Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro 3D. Auro 3D is hands down the winner for playing ANY content...whether it's Atmos encoded, DTS:X encoded, DSD or just CD. We select Auro 3D for EVERYTHING. (It's like that Frank's red hot commercial...we put that ___on everything) Compare for yourselves (just turn your floor speaker amps off and listen to what comes thru the heights). I'm sure you'll agree.

Again, hope this helps. Big shout out to Butch at Butch's Sound Shack for the advice...and enjoy the music...powerfully; accurately; and loudly!
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