Improve the vibe of your home theater with LEDs

Installation of the LEDs to the back of your TV improves the vibe of your home theater or relaxing area. I used double sided tape to the strips since the backing tape on the LEDs didn't stick to the TV. The adhesive on the LED strip would not adhere to the powder coating on the TV.

0:00 Intro
0:16 Measure perimeter of TV
0:42 Determine how many LED strips you need to order
1:12 Determine size of transformer and room behind TV
3:05 clean behind TV and let dry
3:41 Use a pigtail plug if necessary
4:29 Plug in controller to transformer
4:42 Install LEDs behind TV
5:03 Use strong double-sided tape
7:05 Continue to install LEDs behind TV
9:47 Enjoy the look with Bigginz Group Therapy

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