Incredibly Affordable & Surprisingly Good! - New Guitar Pedals from Valeton

Valeton is one of the best brands to consider if you're looking for high-quality, easy-to-use guitar pedals that won't break the bank! From digital mini pedals to feature-packed multi-FX units, Valeton has you covered! |

» Valeton Dapper Mini Multi-FX Pedal Strip |
» Valeton Dapper Multi-FX Pedal Strip |
» Valeton Dapper Indie Multi-FX Pedal Strip |
» Valeton Dapper Looper Mini Pedal Strip |
» Valeton Surge EP-1 Mini Wah & Volume Pedal |
» Valeton Surge EP-2 Volume & Expression Pedal |
» Valeton Coral Verb II Mini Digital Reverb Pedal |
» Valeton Coral Mod II Mini Digital Modulation Pedal |
» Valeton Coral MDR Modulation, Delay & Reverb Pedal |
» Valeton TAR-20G Asphalt 20W Mini Guitar Amp Head |

Guitars Used:
» Squier FSR Affinity Telecaster HH in Metallic Black |
» Squier FSR Classic Vibe 60s Mustang in Capri Orange |
» Squier Classic Vibe Baritone Telecaster in Sunburst |

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