India's Loudest Harrier - ₹10 Lakh 3000 RMS Car Audio | 3 Way Active SQL - Custom A-Pillars (Hindi)

Wow! The Loudest Tata Harrier of India has just got crazier and more killer with its audio quality and amazing music experience. Shubham Bagul who owns India's Loudest Tata Harrier has customized the A Pillar of his Harrier for new speaker setup and has now made it a 3-way Audio SQL System.

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This Harrier has a total 3000 RMS Sound Output which is loud AF! Shubham's Harrier is not only the loudest but also the most expensive and fastest Harrier in India, and it has modifications worth Rs. 10 Lakhs+ . In this video, Shubham has explained the new upgrades and overall modifications of his Harrier for the Audio System and he has also demonstrated some of the most awesome Songs of 2021 in his car's loud audio system. Watch and enjoy!
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Starring & Review By: Shubham Bagul
Videography: Nick Zeek
Driven By: Shubham Bagul
Scripted & Edited By: Nick Zeek (a.k.a. Nikhil Borkute)

Equipment Used:
Go Pro Action Cam:
Go Pro Mount Kit:
Go Pro Helmet Mount:
Go Pro Protection:
Mivi BT Headphones:
iPhone Photography & Videography:
Collar Mic for iPhone 11 Pro:
Smart Watch:
GoPro LED Light:
Power Bank (20000 mAh):
Tripod Stand:
Car Charger:

Time Codes:
0:00 Intro
1:13 New Upgrades (3-Way Active)
2:55 Experience of owner
3:39 Difference from 2-Way Passive
5:05 Music Demo
6:44 New Components
8:08 Subwoofer & Amps
9:01 Additional Battery
11:27 Learning the technologies
13:45 Source of Music Upgrade
16:40 Cost of music upgrade
19:08 Conclusion

Songs Played in this video:

Bpm: 90
Year: 2020
Artist: KL8 BEATZ

2. Intrumental Beats by Rflow-Beatz:
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