INSANE Lunchbox Amp?! ENGL Ironball Special Edition Review!

00:15 Review Pt1
02:38 Clean Tones (w/Reverb & Delay)
03:44 Review Pt2
05:00 Delay & Reverb Controls Demo
05:57 Review Pt3
06:08 Pushed Clean Channel Crunch Tones
07:14 Review Pt4
07:53 Lead Channel Heavy Tones 6-String
09:11 Review Pt5
09:40 Lead Channel Heavy Tones 8-String
10:54 Review Pt6
11:39 M.V.B and Gain Boost Controls Demo
12:47 Review Pt7
14:07 IR Balanced Output Pre/Post & Stock IRs Demo
14:36 Review Pt8

Thanks for watching my review and demo of the ENGL Ironball Special Edition guitar tube amp head. This little 20w amplifier is portable but very sturdy and robust and it's jampacked with some amazing features as well! Features like IR loading, tweakable delay and reverb, a noise gate, midi control, a gain boost and much more! This amp is quite versatile as it can cover a lot of ground tonally but the high gain tones especially are to die for as they are tight, focused, punchy and clear!

ENGL Ironball SE: https://www.engl-amps.com/ironball-e606se#content

Guitars used in this video: ESP LTD SC-20 Stephen Carpenter signature, ESP LTD SC-608B Stephen Carpenter signature 8-string baritone, Gibson Les Paul Classic and PRS SC-58. Other gear used: Fractal Audio LB-2 X-Load Reactive Load & OwnHammer 412 ENG V30 OH1-05 IR.

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