Install and Review New 12 Volt RV Refrigerator - A Perfect Fit For Us

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Install and Review New 12 Volt RV Refrigerator - A Perfect Fit For Us! Lots of Space.
Two of our three RVs have had absorption refrigerators that failed. Both times I noticed a yellowish-green staining near the coils, a clear sign of ammonia leakage. On our previous RV I decided to replace the entire cooling unit myself. The cost was well over $800, and the installation was not for the faint hearted. And even after replacing the entire cooling unit, the performance was less than ideal. In our current RV, the absorption fridge was over 16 years old and started failing about 2 months ago.

So, after a friend told us about his 12 Volt RV Fridge, we did some research, and reached out to our friends at RecPro. They sent us an Everchill 10.7 cubic feet 12 volt compressor Stainless Steel RV Refrigerator to install and review. This video details our experience from unboxing to operating for over a month....so far. How do we feel about it? Well, here's a hint....our magnets love their new hangout, and we will never go back to an absorption fridge again!

So, if you're adding a new refrigerator or are replacing your old one, we highly recommend this RecPro® Everchill 10.7 Cubic Feet 12V Stainless Steel RV Refrigerator. Don't forget to use the code ~ RVUSAVE ~ for 5% off!


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00:40 Join and Merch
00:52 Topic Intro
01:19 Absorption Fridge
01:39 Absorption Upside
01:59 Absorption Downside
02:31 Ammonia Leakage
02:43 Previous Repair
03:04 Current Failure
03:23 Weighing Options
03:33 Residential Fridge
03:56 12 Volt Fridge Intro
04:42 Secure Power
05:39 Unscrew Old Fridge
06:25 Shift Old Fridge
07:07 Disconnect LP Gas
08:22 Disconnect 12 Volt
09:34 Remove Old Fridge
10:10 Clean Fridge Area
10:20 Slide New Fridge In
10:30 Connect New Fridge
11:04 Shim and Mount
11:36 New Fridge Overview
12:52 Wrap-up and Discount
13:46 Channel Outro
14:19 Channel Logo
14:29 End Screen

Here's the video of me replacing the entire cooling unit on a older Norcold RV Fridge

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