Install your audio conferencing the easyconomical way | Nureva® audio

Watch the video to get a quick look at the two approaches to installing audio conferencing – easyconomical and complexpensive.

Easyconomical – With fewer components and cables to deal with, Nureva audio is very easyconomical to install. It’s a one person DIY job you can complete in under an hour. And with continuous autocalibration, your system is instantly – and always – ready.

Complexpensive – Traditional, customized beamforming systems can be complexpensive to install. You have to choose from multiple components with (seemingly) endless cabling, and you may require the services of skilled technicians that could take your room offline for days. Your system may also need to be manually calibrated by an expert on start-up and each time you reconfigure your room.

Which approach will you choose?

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