Installing a Completely Overkill Multi-room Audio and Home Network Setup!

In today's video we're once again running cabling in a friend's new build house. However this time, in addition to the usual networking cabling, we are also running speaker wiring and installing a totally overkill whole-home audio setup powered by a Biamp Tesira Server-IO DSP and separate power amplifiers installed in a 48U rack in the garage. We also install downlights in the bathroom and several ceiling speakers in some of the rooms.

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00:00 - Introduction
01:49 - Working out cable routes
15:10 - Starting to pull in cables
21:07 - Installing ceiling speakers in the bedroom
27:58 - Totally overkill DSP and amplifier setup - Biamp Tesira Server-IO
34:09 - Bedroom speaker demonstration
38:15 - Bathroom downlight installation
40:36 - Bathroom ceiling speaker installation
43:30 - All speakers working!
44:09 - More Tesira Server-IO configuration
44:47 - Quick tour of everything we've done
52:10 - Conclusion
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